Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting Ready for the New Year

As I approach the New Year, it is time to start thinking about my New Year’s Resolution. I have the usual stuff; lose weight, eat better and exercise more.

But, I also want to be of more service in 2007. Though I have done a few things this year, next year I want to devote more of my time to community service. Nothing feeds your soul better than serving your community.

I also want to be of better service to my clients. While I pride myself on always being aware of my clients’ needs both in the contractual matters of Real Estate, and in being of emotional support to many who are making the biggest moves in their lives, I also want to provide an improved service to those who work with me. I am resolving to provide a better than expected return to all those I come in contact with. One of the ways I intend to achieve this is by taking better advantage of the technology available to help my clients in their search for a new home, or for the selling of the property they own

This is where you can help me help you.

Please email me with any topics you would like me to discus or research. Tell me how you would like me to provide you with better service as your Realtor, and not just now. Feel free to email me a question whenever you have one.

I think next year will be a fantastic year with great new opportunities and experiences. What will your resolution be?