Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Take Some Time Off!

This was a year that really tested me.
At the beginning of the year my Manager started her own company. The only reason I was at the real Estate company I was in at the beginning of the year was because of my manager, so when she decided to go, I went with her.
Along with the move came a change in the market. Everyone seemed to take a breath, and wait to see what was really happening in the real estate market.
For me, all these factors made 2006 seem like my first year as a Realtor all over again. I had to dedicate myself to a new beginning. I re-educated myself about this new market. I told everyone I knew that I had joined a new company, and I applied myself to my profession like I was a first year rookie.
It all paid off, and I had a strong 4th quarter.
I think it also helped that interest rates continued to go down, the Fed decided not to mess with things, the inventory of homes for sale was filled with value, and buyers started to realize that this may be their time to move forward.
I look forward to a wonderful 2007 that will continue to favor the buyers, and those who have prepared themselves for change.
But...for now...I'm going to take a little break.
See you in 2007.