Friday, May 21, 2010

Starting Again

It has been well over a year since I moved to my current apartment, and I am still living out of boxes. The only room I have really unpacked is my bedroom, and half my kitchen. My cat freaked out when I moved, but she has calmed down at this point, and she has found a new sleeping place on my ironing board.
I don't really feel like this is home. It is similar to the feelings I had after I spent 3 months traveling in India and came back, or the time I spent 6 months in Southeast Asia and came back. I am tenuous and without roots. I have no desire to lay down roots either.
I do not love my new home. It is just the place I go to to sleep and cook. My credit is still ruined, and it will remain so for five more years, but I'm fine with that. It is amazing how much you can do without a credit card. I have slowly repaid my debts, with only a couple remaining. I will someday soon repay my friend who lent me $5000 in a vain attempt to keep my house. She told me it was a gift, and not to think about repaying her, but I will.
So there is life after foreclosure. You could not have told me that when I was going through it all, and my vision had become so narrow. There are always friends both old and new, and those that love you still love you without a house. I pushed them all away when I was so panicked about the house.
It has changed me, but I have moved on.